Rat Meat as Source of Meat


I just read something horrible. There are people who consider rat meat as a delicacy. Mostly, it is those people who live in People’s Republic of China. Worse, rat meat is processed and is exported or smuggled to other countries. Therefore, it is possible that the Authentic Chinese Meatballs that you just ate from your local Chinese restaurant is not either pork or beef. There’s a possibility that it is made out of rat. EEEEEEEWWW!!!

Well, I can understand why some Chinese would eat rats. First, there are lots of rats plaguing China these days and their population has exploded so much that anywhere you go you can see one – whether it is in the rural or urban areas. And given that many Chinese love to eat exotic things or basically that moves, they would see these rats as perfect source of meat – they are many, they proliferate fast and would eat anything.

Second reason is the fact that many Chinese would see pork and beef dishes as an extravagance. This mostly happens in rural areas where money is hard to come by. Instead of buying a kilo of pork or beef, they would rather go to the fields and catch a rat or two for dinner.

To some poor Chinese folks, eating rats is also a form of vengeance. We all know that the biggest staple in China is rice and many rural folks spend their lives tilling rice paddies and tending to their fields. And since rats are pests in the fields, most of them would catch these pests. And instead of disposing of them, they would rather make the most of it. In other words, skin, cook and eat them.


Surprisingly, the Chinese are excellent when it comes to catching rats. In fact, a lot of folks are getting rich because of it. They are able to catch crates and crates of rats. If we have rats in our homes, instead of calling rodent pest control Torrance, why not ask these folks to help us.

Oil additives – Would You Use One?

Nowadays, many car owners are so engrossed with their cars. If there’s one thing that can boost the performance and improve their car they would add it – even if it is something they don’t really understand. This applies perfectly to oil additives.

Yes, there are many people who use oil additives and some of them don’t even understand the reason why there are putting it inside their car’s engine. All they know is that it is good for their car.

But this is not a good idea.

There are many types of oil additives in the market. One of them is found in this link: engine treatment oil. Because there are many types of oil additives, it is important for a car owner to be careful in choosing an additive. Yes, the additive may sound promising but that doesn’t mean it would be ideal to one’s car. Each additive is different in terms of composition, quality and benefits it brings. Some are proven safe and effective while some are known to be detrimental not only to the car but also to the environment.

So is the use oil additives recommended?

Well, I guess so.

It is just important for a car owner to be critical when it comes to discerning which oil additive to use. After all, not all available products in the market are suitable for one’s car or needs. If one is able to make an informed choice then it would be good. But if one decides on an additive without doing proper research, then that becomes wrong.

Furniture Can’t Fit Through The Door, What Now?

A lot of people know for a fact that when it comes to moving, you would have to move your furniture with you. You have to bring them out of your door and load them to the truck for safe transport. However, what would happen if your furniture doesn’t fit through the door? Well, you have many options to take when this happens.

Option 1: If it wouldn’t fit through the door, then try the window! Moving a piece of furniture through the window requires proper planning and equipment to get this job done. Fortunately, professional moving companies can easily do this thing.

However, if the window is too small or the furniture is too big then this brings us to…

Option 2: You can always dismantle your furniture. Usually, mover Denver have the skills and tools for the job. They can dismantle any type of furniture, provided that they can be truly dismantled and that if you are happy with this option. Now, if you have chosen to have your furniture dismantled, don’t forget to ask the movers to reassemble them again once you reach your destination. If you forget this, then you are in heaps of trouble. For instance, if you had your bed dismantled where would you sleep then? On the floor? Then good luck on that!

If it can’t be dismantled or the movers tells you they can’t do it, then there’s nothing else for you to do but to resort to this third option and that is…

Option 3: Leave that furniture. You can leave it and let the next homeowner or tenant worry about it. Use this opportunity to get new furniture to replace that old one. This time, choose one that can be disassembled or one that could easily fit your door.

Collection of Lenten Jokes

Well, the Lenten season has finally arrived. Yes, we know it is the time for repentance and remember Christ’s sacrifice for us mankind. But even though the Lenten season is supposed to be holy and solemn, it cannot escape humor.

images (1)Here’s a collection of Lenten jokes for you to enjoy:

  • A cowboy appeared before St. Peter at the pearly gates.

    “Have you ever done anything of particular merit?” St. Peter asked.

    “Well, I can think of one thing,” the cowboy offered. “Once, on a trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota, I came upon a gang of bikers, who were threatening a young woman. I directed them to leave her alone, but they wouldn’t listen. So, I approached the largest and most heavily tattooed biker and smacked him in his face, kicked his bike over, ripped out his nose ring, and threw it on the ground. I then yelled, ‘Now, back off, or I’ll kick the carp out of all of you!’”

    St. Peter was impressed. He leafed through the great book he held. “When did this happen?”

    “Just a couple minutes ago. . . .”

  • A Catholic man walks into a diner on the first Friday of Lent. He orders the fish plate. After the meal is finished, he pays the bill, but leaves no tip. He repeats this every Friday during Lent at the same diner. On the last Friday of Lent, the waitress finally asks the man “ Excuse me sir. You’ve been eating here every Friday, and not once did you leave me a tip. Didn’t I provide good service too you?” The man replies “The service you provided was excellent. But because it’s Lent, I had to give up something. So, I decided to give up tipping.”
  • Sister Agnes, old and deaf, was pre-Vatican II but obediently gave in to orders that she wear the scandalous new habit where the headdress did not even cover her ears when she substituted at St. Francis de Sales School for Girls.

    But she was too vain to wear her huge hearing aids. Today she was having each child shout what career she wanted. Little Suzy stood and announced, “I WANT TO BE A PROSTITUTE!”

    Sister Agnes screamed and kept screaming until the principal, Sister Blase, ran into the classroom.

    “What in Heaven’s name . . .”

    The old nun pointed a withered finger. “Did you hear what that child said?!?”

    “No, Sister Agnes, and you didn’t hear her either without your hearing aids. Put them in now.”

    Sister Agnes inserted the molds and tucked the appliances behind each ear. “Suzy,” she said, “tell Sister Blase what you told me.”

    Suzy repeated proudly, “I want to be a prostitute.”

    Sister Agnes suddenly hugged the little girl. “Oh, I’m so sorry, dear. I thought you said you wanted to be a Protestant.”

  • A Baptist moved into a neighborhood largely populated by Catholic families. While on the whole, they got along well, one habit he had was to fire up the grill on Fridays and charbroil steaks. After several weeks of enduring this torture, the Catholic men got together and decided the only way to end this problem was to proselytize the offending neighbor and get him to convert. So, they did. At the following Easter Vigil, he was accepted into the Church. The Catholics breathed a sigh of relief as he was baptized, and intoned “You were born a Baptist, you were raised a Baptist, but now you are a Catholic.” Fast forward to the following Lent. The message apparently didn’t get through, because the new convert fired up his grill and cooked steaks on Friday anyway! The indignant Catholic men rushed over to see what the heck, and they found him pouring water over the T-bones and chanting, “You were born a cow, you were raised a cow, but now, you are a fish!”
  •  Jewish couple had a son who was . . . well . . . a holy terror. By the time for his bar mitzvah, he’d been kicked out of every school they put him in. Desperate, the parents went to the rabbi for advice. The good rabbi stroked his beard and meditated. Finally, he told them to enroll the boy in Catholic school.

    The shocked parents did as their rabbi directed and took their son to the nuns at St. Jude’s and left him.

    After school, the son came home and said, “Good afternoon, Papa. Good afternoon, Mama.”

    The young man went to the table and did on his homework. The parents looked at each other in amazement, afraid to speak. The mother wrung her hands and the father twisted his beard all the while their boy helped serve the evening meal, bowed his head for prayers of thanks, and even helped with the dishes.

    No longer able to contain himself, the father asked, “We’re ever so grateful, my son, but what in Moses’s name did they do to you?”

    “Papa, when you left, the nun took me from class to class all day, each time saying they knew how to deal with rowdy boys. Those Catholics mean business! They got some Jewish-looking guy nailed up on boards in every room!”

Why Look For Mover Reviews

Moving Company Reviews

Many people would find themselves at the losing end when they hire certain moving companies. They end up being cheated, scammed or left unsatisfied because of the company they hired. And whenever this happens, they blame the company for what happened. They blame the company why they had a poor moving experience but actually the fault lies in them and not the company. If they were careful in choosing a moving company then they would not receive a poor and unsatisfying service. In other words, the fault lies in them. This is why it is really important to look for movers reviews.

But why look for mover reviews?

This is self-explanatory not unless you are DUMB or something. Anyways, if you look for moving company reviews then than means you would be able to know whether the company is good or not. By reading the reviews of other customers, you can determine if the company provides good service, has reasonable rates and if they have something to offer to you that you would need. Needless to say, you would also know if the moving company is horrible. Usually, unsatisfied customers would go online for their tirades against the moving company that wronged them.

But where should I look for reviews?

Well, that’s just simple you know. You can always rely on your computer and internet connection to guide you. But if you are that just lazy just go to Yelp, Google+, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, My Moving Reviews and more.

So if you are looking for a moving company, avoid making a mistake. Read reviews first.

Jingle Bells – Minion Styles

The Minions have done it again. They are really great singers. Not in the sense of vocal quality, which they obviously do not have, but they are great singers in the sense of pleasing their audience. They can always entertain you with their renditions of various known song like the I Swear, YMCA and that drinking song they sung. Now their latest song fits the Christmas Season. Jingle Bells. And honestly, it’s fun. That’s why I am sharing it here on my blog.

All The Moves I Had And My Realization In Hiring Movers

Denver Moving Company

Usually, when people move they hire professional movers Denver co so that they can easily move and have fewer hassles and problems to worry about. But it seemed like my parents never thought of this. When I was a kid, my family has moved for about 4 times. The first one was when we sold our previous house and moved into an apartment. The second time was when our apartment burned down and moved to my uncle’s house. The third time was when we moved from my uncle’s house to a small rental flat a few blocks away. The last one was when we moved to our brand new house.

I remember most of those moves except for the first one because I was still 7 that time and I vaguely remember anything during those years. Okay, I can understand the second one because we have no time to look for professional movers. We just lost our apartment to a fire and we were so lucky to get ourselves and our belongings out in time before that fire burned down the apartment complex.

On our third move, I went early to school so I didn’t saw my parents, uncle and a few cousins load our belongings to the van and unload them at our new place. However, it was a horrible move because when I came home from school our bed was still outside the house. So do our other belongings. Basically, they were not able to put them inside the house. I wonder what they did the entire day? What made them so busy so that they were unable to put even the bed inside? That was a tough night for I ended up sleeping on the floor with cardboard boxes as floor mats.

During our fourth move, I personally experienced disaster. Since I was 16 that time, I was tasked to help in loading our things. It was a tiring day. I had to wake up 4 in the morning just to help in packing our belongings and load them to the awaiting truck. My brother slipped and injured himself. The cabinet’s door tore off. One leg of our bed was lost. Damage was done here and there. And anything that could go wrong just happened. If my parents hired PROFESSIONAL MOVERS those things wouldn’t have happened!!!

Having seen and felt the disaster caused by moving on your own, I hereby conclude hiring professional movers is a must when moving.

The Right Ingredients For Healthy and Delicious Sandwich


Believe it or not, sandwich is the most popular choice for meal-to-go as proof to this is the many healthy fast food Chicago that offers sandwich meals. There’s no surprise there because sandwiches are quick to make and delicious. There’s so many variety and can be made in many ways. Although sandwiches may sound divine, it isn’t. In fact, your favorite sandwich can be your arteries number 1 nightmare. Ingredients used to make sandwiches pack a lot of calories and consuming a single serving (depending on the kind of sandwich) would make up for more than half of your recommended daily amount of saturated fat – fat that would surely clog your arteries.

Every sandwich begins with the bread and bread is considered health, however, if in moderation. The starches in bread, especially white bread, get digested easily and enter our bloodstream as glucose, which rapidly gives rise to our blood sugar levels. Moreover, white bread is high in calories and can raise blood pressure levels. In order to reduce the risks, it would be best to choose healthy options like whole wheat bread, high protein bread, multi-grain bread or reduced calorie bread.

A healthy and delicious sandwich should have high-quality proteins. High-quality proteins would include roast beef, corned beef, ham, chicken, turkey, bacon, tuna, salmon and many others. For vegetarians, there’s cashew butter, peanut butter, hummus, vegetarian patties, vegemite, tahini and countless others.

Usually, sandwiches are all about meat and dressing between slices of bread but a healthy sandwich is not complete without fresh vegetables. Putting veggies would be a great way to add nutritional value to your sandwich. Make sure to put fresh veggies like tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, onions, peppers, lettuce, bean sprouts, herbs, basil and many others. Cheese is often added when it comes to sandwiches. Cheese can truly make sandwiches delicious and creamy but cheese can a lot of fat and contains lots of calories and sodium. It might upset the balance of your sandwich if you are planning to make a healthy one. Good thing there are healthier options like hard cheeses like cheddar and swiss that contain less fat, calories and salt.

So before you start making your sandwich, make sure you consider the ingredients first and see whether they are healthy or not.

Something I Noticed About The New Movie Poster For The Hobbit…

Just recently, the movie poster for The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies was released and it really look foreboding.  The dragon Smaug threatening about to destroy Laketown and only Bard stands ground to protect the town. As I stared on the poster, I could feel that the movie would be very, very awesome and action packed compared to its predecessors. But wait a minute it seems like the movie poster’s style is quite familiar. And then I remembered where I have seen it. It shares the same style as the poster of Shingeki no Kyojin – an anime about humanity fighting against extinction caused by man-eating giants. My excitement caused by the poster immediately dropped. Oh man! AttackonTitan_Poster


Benefits of Buy Here, Pay Here

Opting for buy here pay here lot is one of the easiest ways for you to drive home a new car. Even though it is a common program in many auto dealerships, a lot of people are still unfamiliar with it. Little they did know that “buy here, pay here” programs offers a lot of benefits to automobile buyers. These benefits are basically divided into three things: providing the needed transportation, having a more reliable vehicle and rebuilding credit.

Having a car is considered a necessity these days. Having car will help a person get to his work and earn his paycheck. It will also help him go to places he needed to go. But the problem is, not everyone is able to have a car because of the bad credit rating they are saddled with. With the help of “buy here, pay here” programs, one would be able to have the car he needs for transportation.

Can you imagine what would a car’s quality be like if it is priced at $1000 – $2000? Most likely, its quality will be bad. The car’s engine may need to be overhauled or it needs to go a lot of maintenance. The exterior and interior may have a lot of problems. Or the car has a high mileage already. But with “buy here, pay here” and at the same amount as downpayment, it is possible to obtain more reliable transportation.

Best thing about such program is it will help people rebuild their credit. Auto dealerships that provide “buy here, pay here” programs would report to credit bureaus whenever the person has paid his dues. Over time, this will create or rebuild the person’s credit. With improved credit, the person would have better chances to take a loan or buy vehicles.

Overall, “buy here, pay here” programs offer the combination of improving our lives by acquiring a new car that we could use while at the same time improving our credit rating.