Give Leo An Oscar

Leonardo-Dicaprio-Oscar-CNN-2014-FAB-Magazine-1This blog was supposed to be about Hollywood celebrities and such but this post is completely unrelated to it. For now, I need a place where I could rant and release all my pent up frustrations.

Right now, I am kind of frustrated because Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t win an Oscar. Yes, I know this post is kind of late but I don’t have the luxury of time to write this post several days ago.

I really wanted him to win because I am one of his fan. I wanted him to win because I know he deserves it. His acting is way better than any of the other nominees. Moreover, he has always been nominated but has never won a single Oscar. Come one, give him an Oscar already! The guy deserves it! He deserves it even more now that his acting has improved by a lot as compared to before.

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