Broken AC Deserves A Second Chance

Don’t you ever tell me a broken AC is beyond hope! So long as there’s available hope anything can be saved, just like celebrities and stars who were able to come back from their slump.

We once had a broken AC and we really thought it was beyond salvation since a few wisps of black smoke came out of it. We thought that maybe it is time to buy a new one just to replace our supposedly “DEAD” cooling unit. But then a family friend who also happens to be an appliance technician told us to have it checked by an expert first (not him of course). He recommended to us a particular HVAC company Wellington just to be sure.

OK… why not give it a try. It won’t hurt since it would be a free check.
The technician came and then we heard a good news. THE AC CAN BE SAVED! YAY! There’s just a part that needs replacement and would only cost us a tens of dollars to have it replaced. BOOM! Savings! Comparing the price of repair to the price of a brand new AC, the former is more appealing. After the repair, the AC continued to run for couple of years until now.