Loving Hollywood Celebrities

Why do some individuals like Hollywood and celebrity gossip? Why is Hollywood news very attractive to them?

Well, I have no idea to the answers to these questions but there’s one thing I know. A lot of people hunger for showbiz entertainment and celebrity gossips. It is like food for them but unlike food, showbiz news satisfies their emotional hunger.

Jealousy is a strong emotion and sometimes it is the reason why some people crave for Hollywood gossip. Perhaps you won’t believe this but it is true. Many people are unconsciously envious of celebrities and they find satisfaction in knowing that they are better at other things than the celebrity or if things aren’t going well for the celebrity.

Ambition is also a possible reason why people like celebrity gossip. There are plenty of guys out there who are fascinated about celebrities and would wish to be like them. In fact, they feel eager to be like their idols, especially if their celebrity idols were able to achieve something. Reading celebrity news motivates them to do better.
I believe the number one reason why a person like celebrity news is because he or she identifies himself or herself with his or her idols. For instance, Latinas like Latin celebrities because they believe that the success of the celebrity will uplift the image of the Latin community.

Unlike others, my reason for reading celebrity news and gossips is just for pure entertainment as well as information. I don’t have any celebrity that I like or hate. It is difficult for me to be jealous because I easily feel contented. I feel no reason to identify myself with any celebrity. Most of all, I don’t need any motivation from celebrities. It would just be interesting for me to know that certain things are happening to popular celebrities that I watch on film and on TV.

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