All The Moves I Had And My Realization In Hiring Movers

Denver Moving Company

Usually, when people move they hire professional movers Denver co so that they can easily move and have fewer hassles and problems to worry about. But it seemed like my parents never thought of this. When I was a kid, my family has moved for about 4 times. The first one was when we sold our previous house and moved into an apartment. The second time was when our apartment burned down and moved to my uncle’s house. The third time was when we moved from my uncle’s house to a small rental flat a few blocks away. The last one was when we moved to our brand new house.

I remember most of those moves except for the first one because I was still 7 that time and I vaguely remember anything during those years. Okay, I can understand the second one because we have no time to look for professional movers. We just lost our apartment to a fire and we were so lucky to get ourselves and our belongings out in time before that fire burned down the apartment complex.

On our third move, I went early to school so I didn’t saw my parents, uncle and a few cousins load our belongings to the van and unload them at our new place. However, it was a horrible move because when I came home from school our bed was still outside the house. So do our other belongings. Basically, they were not able to put them inside the house. I wonder what they did the entire day? What made them so busy so that they were unable to put even the bed inside? That was a tough night for I ended up sleeping on the floor with cardboard boxes as floor mats.

During our fourth move, I personally experienced disaster. Since I was 16 that time, I was tasked to help in loading our things. It was a tiring day. I had to wake up 4 in the morning just to help in packing our belongings and load them to the awaiting truck. My brother slipped and injured himself. The cabinet’s door tore off. One leg of our bed was lost. Damage was done here and there. And anything that could go wrong just happened. If my parents hired PROFESSIONAL MOVERS those things wouldn’t have happened!!!

Having seen and felt the disaster caused by moving on your own, I hereby conclude hiring professional movers is a must when moving.

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