Rat Meat as Source of Meat


I just read something horrible. There are people who consider rat meat as a delicacy. Mostly, it is those people who live in People’s Republic of China. Worse, rat meat is processed and is exported or smuggled to other countries. Therefore, it is possible that the Authentic Chinese Meatballs that you just ate from your local Chinese restaurant is not either pork or beef. There’s a possibility that it is made out of rat. EEEEEEEWWW!!!

Well, I can understand why some Chinese would eat rats. First, there are lots of rats plaguing China these days and their population has exploded so much that anywhere you go you can see one – whether it is in the rural or urban areas. And given that many Chinese love to eat exotic things or basically that moves, they would see these rats as perfect source of meat – they are many, they proliferate fast and would eat anything.

Second reason is the fact that many Chinese would see pork and beef dishes as an extravagance. This mostly happens in rural areas where money is hard to come by. Instead of buying a kilo of pork or beef, they would rather go to the fields and catch a rat or two for dinner.

To some poor Chinese folks, eating rats is also a form of vengeance. We all know that the biggest staple in China is rice and many rural folks spend their lives tilling rice paddies and tending to their fields. And since rats are pests in the fields, most of them would catch these pests. And instead of disposing of them, they would rather make the most of it. In other words, skin, cook and eat them.


Surprisingly, the Chinese are excellent when it comes to catching rats. In fact, a lot of folks are getting rich because of it. They are able to catch crates and crates of rats. If we have rats in our homes, instead of calling rodent pest control Torrance, why not ask these folks to help us.

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