The Right Ingredients For Healthy and Delicious Sandwich


Believe it or not, sandwich is the most popular choice for meal-to-go as proof to this is the many healthy fast food Chicago that offers sandwich meals. There’s no surprise there because sandwiches are quick to make and delicious. There’s so many variety and can be made in many ways. Although sandwiches may sound divine, it isn’t. In fact, your favorite sandwich can be your arteries number 1 nightmare. Ingredients used to make sandwiches pack a lot of calories and consuming a single serving (depending on the kind of sandwich) would make up for more than half of your recommended daily amount of saturated fat – fat that would surely clog your arteries.

Every sandwich begins with the bread and bread is considered health, however, if in moderation. The starches in bread, especially white bread, get digested easily and enter our bloodstream as glucose, which rapidly gives rise to our blood sugar levels. Moreover, white bread is high in calories and can raise blood pressure levels. In order to reduce the risks, it would be best to choose healthy options like whole wheat bread, high protein bread, multi-grain bread or reduced calorie bread.

A healthy and delicious sandwich should have high-quality proteins. High-quality proteins would include roast beef, corned beef, ham, chicken, turkey, bacon, tuna, salmon and many others. For vegetarians, there’s cashew butter, peanut butter, hummus, vegetarian patties, vegemite, tahini and countless others.

Usually, sandwiches are all about meat and dressing between slices of bread but a healthy sandwich is not complete without fresh vegetables. Putting veggies would be a great way to add nutritional value to your sandwich. Make sure to put fresh veggies like tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, onions, peppers, lettuce, bean sprouts, herbs, basil and many others. Cheese is often added when it comes to sandwiches. Cheese can truly make sandwiches delicious and creamy but cheese can a lot of fat and contains lots of calories and sodium. It might upset the balance of your sandwich if you are planning to make a healthy one. Good thing there are healthier options like hard cheeses like cheddar and swiss that contain less fat, calories and salt.

So before you start making your sandwich, make sure you consider the ingredients first and see whether they are healthy or not.

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